Grand Central Market | Blog | Vendor Spotlight: Press Brothers Juicery | J.D. Jones and David Jones are the faces behind Grand Central Market’s beloved Press Brothers Juicery.
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Vendor Spotlight: Press Brothers Juicery
February 26, 2014

J.D. Jones and David Jones are the faces behind Grand Central Market’s beloved Press Brothers Juicery. The two brothers - raised on a farm in Kansas - have developed their lifelong passion for juice into a healthy, nutritious, and delicious lifestyle that they want to share with the world.

In their own words, the brothers behind the juicer share stories about their past, present, and future. Read on and learn what these “couple of country boys living in the big city” have to say about juicing, being a Grand Central Market vendor, and life in-between.

David Jones, my brother, and myself, J.D. Jones, are the Co-Founders of Press Brothers Juicery. Our mother, an avid juicer of 20 years, inspired us by preaching the juicing philosophy of Jay Kordich (The Father of Juicing).  Growing up together on a Kansas farm, we learned a deep respect for the labor it takes to cultivate and harvest organic fruits and vegetables.

Over the years we have honed our techniques, incorporating methods used from the documented success of the Gerson Therapy, and the core philosophy of Hippocrates, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


How did you get Press Brothers Juicery started? 

Roughly three years ago, as juicing for ourselves became a daily ritual, we tossed around the idea of starting this business. Our passion for commercial juicing became very evident as we quickly and quite naturally found ourselves preaching to friends and family, just as our mother had to us.  And just like our mother had made fresh juice for us, we also found ourselves doing the same for the ones we love, which kick-started “PBJ” into a reality with a watershed of positive feedback.  


Starting a business from the ground up can have its share of obstacles. What has been your biggest challenge?

Through word-of-mouth we have carefully built our business since 2011, meticulously honing our production techniques in our USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC KITCHEN to ensure that we will always be able to deliver cold pressed juice of unrivaled quality, no matter the volume. We also didn’t have any formal training on how to press juices in large quantities, the Norwalk is a great at-home cold pressed juicer but we needed to find a great commercial juicer and that was a bit of a challenge.


What has been your biggest reward?

Doing what we truly love and helping people feel great!


How is it working with family?

We have a great dynamic of separating what is work and what is family. JD is more of the business and numbers side of the business and David takes care of the computer tech support and has the sensitive taste buds, which helps in the creation of new juice recipes. We take ownership of different aspects of the business, which allows us to stay balanced in the office and in life.  


Why start in Los Angeles?

Our sense of adventure eventually led us from Kansas to Los Angeles, where Southern California presented us with the very best fruits and vegetables.  We source all of our vibrant Organic produce from passionate farmers around the area.


Why Grand Central Market?

We love Downtown LA and the history of Grand Central Market.  Upon first visit to GCM, the magic of this historic market hooked the entire Press Brothers team.


What is your favorite part about being a member of the Grand Central Market family?

Serving/educating our customers and representing an impressive mix of talented vendors, who radiate raw passion for their trade, just as we do.  


What has been one of your favorite moments working at Grand Central Market?

So many to choose from! Most recently, a PBJ loyal challenged herself to a 15-day juice fast.  As day 15 hit, she looked and felt amazing! A true glow radiated from her.  During her juice fast, something "unique" did happen; a slight change in the iris color of her eyes as each day passed.  Studies of iris analysis have been known to reveal areas of your body that may be weak, toxic, and even congested.  When we offer our body the right tools to heal itself, notable genetic regeneration may occur.  Our customer experienced these changes as her body cleansed and was given the proper chance to heal itself during these 15 days.  The power of fruits and vegetables never ceases to amaze us!  


What are your goals for PBJ in the coming years?

We will continue to innovate with each and every juice we release - always pressing each recipe to therapeutic quality as nature intended. We are hoping to officially launch our juice cleanse program in March, we are currently in beta-testing, so stay tuned.  We also have a new drink called Kickstarter, one of my favorite drinks to have first thing in the morning.  


Why should we drink your juice?

Our obsession with creating an unrivaled cold-pressed juice has become a labor of love and we firmly believe our resulting product will provide the best tool for re-balancing, re-energizing, and detoxifying the body.  We have created a product with uncompromised quality to meet our own strict demands which we consume every day to maintain our overall health.  Each raw and unpasteurized juice is bottled the instant it’s pressed, providing a quick, no-nonsense method for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, or simply trying to kick-start a new health routine by conveniently providing ones daily dose of fruits and vegetables.  Each Press Brothers juice is easily assimilated by the body, comes with a “No Judgment Guarantee” on the lifestyle you currently live, and will consistently blow-the-minds of hardcore juice fanatics, providing up to four to six times more vitamins, minerals and enzymes than the typical homemade juice.  


What do you recommend for juicing newcomers? 

We welcome anyone to visit our GCM juice cart, we doing mini-tastings of all our juices all day long.  When they come to the cart they will receive a personalized recommendation from true-to-life juicers.


What are your favorite pastimes outside of juicing?

We enjoy helping others - whether it is a friend, family member, or complete stranger.

We are both dog lovers and have 4 between us - 2 labs and 2 rescues. We enjoy spending time outdoors with them and our families.  We also share a passion for boating and take it out together.


 J.D and David Jones trivia:

16 years separate the both of us.  In 2010, we both completed the Chicago Marathon, crossing the finish line at the same time.

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