Grand Central Market | Events | DTLA Oyster Festival October 1st & 2nd | Celebrate your favorite briny bivalves at The DTLA Oyster Festival on October 1 and 2nd from 11am-8pm.
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DTLA Oyster Festival October 1st & 2nd
October 01, 2016


Celebrate your favorite briny bivalves at The DTLA Oyster Festival on October 1 and 2nd from 11am-8pm. This special culinary event will bring together oyster farmers from across the country for a celebration of all-things-oyster at Grand Central Market. 

Come meet the farmers, taste their half-shells, and learn about the distinctive "merroir," or taste of place, that distinguishes oysters grown in different waters. This year's six participating farms include: 

-Hama Hama from Washington State: the oldest oyster farm on the West Coast (active  

 since 1922)

-Sol Azul Seafarms based in Baja California: in operation within the El Vizcaino

 Biosphere Reserve (a UNESCO World Heritage Site)

-Grassy Bar Oysters from Morro Bay, Central California (active since 2009)

-Morro Bay Oyster Company "Pacific Gold” oysters from young, media-savvy startup

 oyster farmer Neal Maloney

-Rock Harbor Oysters from a small family farm in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

-Glacier Point Oysters from Alaska Shellfish Farms

The weekend will also include free, hands-on Oyster Shucking 101 workshops led by The Oyster Gourmet's Christophe Happillon, who will personally teach 10 people at a time how to shuck and serve oysters on the half-shell.

New this year are two additional ticketed classes. "A Guided Oyster Tasting" Saturday at 6:00 p.m. will lead students through the flavor profiles and tasting notes of six oyster varieties. "Terroir Meets Merroir," Sunday at 6:00 p.m., will focus on wine-and-oyster pairings, as Happillon discusses how oceanic "merroir" interacts with the terroir of various wine regions. Each tasting costs $20 and space is limited. Tickets are available here.

For kids, there will also be a free "shell-art" booth from Little June Bugs, where they can make their own oyster-shell pendants or customize a favorite picture frame with jewel-like mini seashells and other decorations. 

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